Portrait Professional regards freckles as blemish

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Washington Post journalist  today reports in a blog post how within the span of two months, “a 14-year-old Maine girl named Julia Bluhm mobilized more than 80,000 supporters to lobby the women magazine Seventeen to commit to a more modest goal: printing one photo spread per issue without an unaltered image.”

Heuvel writes that Bluhm’s efforts are part of a campaign named Sexualization Protest: Action, Resistance, Knowledge or SPARK, a girl-fueled activist movement demanding an end to the sexualization of women and girls in media.

I photograph people and yes, I do remove big zits or temporary bruises if I know the person on the picture prefers that. However, with today´s photo editing touch-up software there are no limits to how much realities can be changed by a photo editor with a narrow perception on beauty.

My patience was seriously tested when I flipped through the June edition of Digital Photo Magazine and looked at an add by Portrait Professional advertising for its touch-up photo editing software with this picture

Add for touch-up photo editing software by Professional Portraits in Digital Photo Magazine

– a pretty woman before and after a touch-up. The difference? They frecking removed all her freckles! And they have the nerve to refer to them as “blemish”…!

Fueled by the girl-power by young Julia Blum and her movement, i’m saying:

El pueblo freckledo, jamás será vencido!

Freck this freckle bigots

So, what do you think ?